Project info

The ITS Observatory is:

  • A one-stop catalogue of which ITS is where and who’s who of the ITS community
  • A data bank of links to ITS impacts and benefits, EU projects, success stories, standards, new updates on ITS, and market intelligence
  • A knowledge market place and online networking platform for providers and users of ITS data and information

The ITS Observatory is a two-year support action which aims to develop a flexible and easy to use intelligent tool to provide accessible and understandable information on Intelligent Transport Systems as developed and deployed in Europe.

The ITS Observatory will alleviate existing gaps and fragmentation of the European ITS landscape by providing decision makers and related stakeholders with access to reliable, understandable and coherent information on outcomes (benefits and impacts) of existing and ongoing ITS deployment, supporting them in developing fact-based policy objectives and strategies.


The main objectives of the project are the following

  • To bridge knowledge fragmentation across Europe by creating a common EU-wide database for ITS
  • To support ITS deployment by creating an intelligent software platform, comparing results of research, pilots, deployment projects
  • To create a user-friendly tool for enhancing policy making